Pressure Testing Services

Pressure Testing Services

If you're looking for the best pressure testing company in Northern Colorado, you won't find a better company than Summit Testing Services.

Our Equipment

Our pressure testing units are equipped with a primary adjustable Pop-Off and a secondary rupture disk for added safety. We can carry 15 barrels of fluid in our stainless steel DOT approved tanks. Our units are tooled out with hydraulic torque tools, plugs/subs, Barton recorders and can pressure up to 12,000 PSI and pump fluid up to 1 BPM.


Services are available 24/7 and those services include:
•Nipple Ups and BOP Testing
•E-Line lubricator equalization
•Casing Test
•Pipeline Testing
•Facility Testing and Torqueing
•Methanol/ Glycol Injection
Contact Info:
Pieter Goosen
RMR Manager of Pressure Testing Services
Cell # (970)382-1264
Jeremiah Bullard
Cell# (970)302-9331

Truck used by our team for well services in Greeley, CO
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